Easy Google Affiliate Network Link Replacement Solution

If you had a bunch of Google Affiliate Network (GAN) links and were worried about or dreading replacing them all, here is the easy answer! Skimlinks is doing automatic overwrites anytime a GAN link is used and the merchant has joined another network and uses Skimlinks. No need for you to do anything other that […]

Why Bloggers Should Care About Affiliate Tax Nexus Legislation And What They Can Do About It

Are you a blogger who relies primarily on the Amazon.com associates program for your affiliate links or perhaps even most of your income?  Did you know that Amazon.com will likely terminate its contract with you if affiliate tax nexus legislation passes  in your state? I don’t want you to  find out about this issue by […]

Stickwithitness: Eight Keys to Niche Blogging Success

Stickwithitness. I know that is not a word. But it should be! Lately I have seen a number of new bloggers, and few veterans too, become rather frustrated with their ability to make money online. Trying to earn a decent income from niche blogging or similar online endeavors can be frustrating.  But there is a key […]

The Hypocrisy of Walmart: Why I Am Dropping The Walmart Affiliate Program

My days as a Walmart affiliate are coming to an end as a result of my choice to refuse to work with the company. Illinois just passed affiliate tax nexus legislation that was heavily supported by Walmart, who I believe has behaved rather hypocritically in its support of the legislation.  Walmart presented itself as a […]