How To Send A DMCA Notice, With Sample Letters

Over the past few weeks, I have been covering issues pertaining to copyright violations.  The first portions of the series covered the following: Tips For Assuring Links Back When Your Content Is Stolen When To React And When to Ignore Copyright Violations How To Detect Copyright Violations This final segment looks at how to pursue […]

How To Detect Content Theft And Copyright Violations

Two common problems with content theft is detection of the copyright violation and then finding the contact information for the offender should you wish to take action. Below are tips for dealing with each. Detecting Copyright Violations Set up Google alerts on your website and posting handle. Even if scrapers remove the links in your […]

When to React and When to Ignore Content Theft

Content theft and other copyright violations run rampant on the the internet. It can range from minor offenses such as quotes without attribution, to full republishing of content but with a link back, to full scraping of content with all links and attribution removed. If your content has been stolen, first ask yourself if you […]

Three Tips For Assuring Links Back When Your Content Is Stolen

If you publish content online, sooner or later it is going to get copied. Whether you decide to allow that or whether you actively pursue offenders is up to you, and I will be writing on that decision next week . But in either case, assuring a link back from the stolen content at the […]