Please Don’t Feed the Solicitors: Stupid Solicitation of the Day

Some email solicitations can actually be worthwhile, but it seems that more often than not, their value is highly lacking. I like to label some as SS, for stupid solicitation of the day. Here is the SS that arrived via contact form spam for me the other day on one of my large beauty product […]

Why I Am Ignoring All Requests To Purchase Do Follow Links

When it comes to link buying and selling, a few things are clear. Buying do follow links is often suggested to companies by SEO firms and websites and can actually help the ranking of the sites who buy them. Buying do follow links is in violation of Google’s webmaster polices and can lead to various […]

When to React and When to Ignore Content Theft

Content theft and other copyright violations run rampant on the the internet. It can range from minor offenses such as quotes without attribution, to full republishing of content but with a link back, to full scraping of content with all links and attribution removed. If your content has been stolen, first ask yourself if you […]

Scribe SEO Plugin Review

Scribe SEO is a premium subscription wordpress plugin that offers an easy way to assure that your posts are optimized for search engines. I have been trying it for several months and particularly recommend it for bloggers who are not overly SEO savvy or who wish to be sure that they are following best practices […]