Legal Resources for Bloggers

This is a continually growing list of legal resources for bloggers.

Copyright Law

How to Send a DMCA Notice with Sample Letters

Plagiarism Today:  the definitive resource for all things in copyright and blogging

Reasons to Register a DMCA Agent: A good look at why this is worthwhile

DMCA Designated Agent Page: Where to go to file a designated agent

Thoughts on Registering a Blog as a Body of Work: Could you register your blog for guaranteed damages? Not so fast…

An Example of When Registering a Work is a Really Good Idea: Have a valuable post or photo that has a heightened risk of being wrongly used? Consider registration.

DMCA Safe Harbor FAQ

Flickr Advanced Search (for searching creative commons)

Getty Images embed

FTC regulation

FTC Home Page for the FTC Endorsement Guides


How to Comply with New FTC Guidance on Disclosing Products Received for Review

How to Make Disclosure Buttons for WordPress

How to Make Disclosure Buttons for Blogger

FTC concerns with pinterest contests

Trademark Law

Overview of Trademark Law: A great guide to basic trademark law that can answer most basic trademark questions

How to Register Your Blog Name: Personally though, I recommend a service or attorney for this in order to have a comprehensive search done to be sure your name is not already in use.

When Chi Accused Me of Trademark Infringement

Unmarketing Podcast covering the Chi incident

Lip Ink Accuses Bloggers of Trademark Infringement

Sweepstakes Law

Social Media Promotions and the Law

Is Your giveaway Legal?


 Special Concerns with International Giveaways

Free Speech/First Amendment

Electronic Frontier Foundation, Legal Guide for Bloggers: Links to First Amendment, Free Speech, and Defamation topics


Tax Tips for Bloggers: A great discussion of top topics

Ask the Tax Girl, Blogging Reviews: One view that products accepted for review are generally not taxable compensation

IRS View on Gift Bags as Taxable Income: How gift bags are taxable income

How Gifts can be Compensation


Sample Privacy Policy

Speak Your Mind