Sample Privacy Policy

A number of advertisers and some affiliate programs require that you have a website privacy policy, and there are various data collection laws that also require the use of a privacy policy.  So, having one on your website is highly recommended. When … [Continue reading]

Stickwithitness: Eight Keys to Niche Blogging Success

Stickwithitness. I know that is not a word. But it should be! Lately I have seen a number of new bloggers, and few veterans too, become rather frustrated with their ability to make money online. Trying to earn a decent income from niche blogging or … [Continue reading]

The Hypocrisy of Walmart: Why I Am Dropping The Walmart Affiliate Program

My days as a Walmart affiliate are coming to an end as a result of my choice to refuse to work with the company. Illinois just passed affiliate tax nexus legislation that was heavily supported by Walmart, who I believe has behaved rather … [Continue reading]

Why I Am Ignoring All Requests To Purchase Do Follow Links

When it comes to link buying and selling, a few things are clear. Buying do follow links is often suggested to companies by SEO firms and websites and can actually help the ranking of the sites who buy them. Buying do follow links is in violation … [Continue reading]

The Secret To Gaining Traffic By Reviewing Less Free Products

In product oriented niches that work with brands and Public Relations (PR) representatives, the ability to receive free products for review can at times be phenomenal. Many bloggers, especially newer ones, actively seek out free items for review and, … [Continue reading]