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Scribe SEO is a premium subscription wordpress plugin that offers an easy way to assure that your posts are optimized for search engines. I have been trying it for several months and particularly recommend it for bloggers who are not overly SEO savvy or who wish to be sure that they are following best practices and are optimizing their keywords. And, if you don’t know what SEO is and have never given keyword choice a second thought, the plugin is particularly suited for you! Scribe was also just updated to include a nifty keyword research tool built into your WordPress dashboard so that you don’t have to run out to a separate site to find keyword suggestions.

First off, for the beginners out there, SEO stands for search engine optimization. The idea behind it is to optimize your website and your writing so that the search engines will rank it highly and accurately. That leads to increased traffic, because you will then place higher in the search results when someone searches for your topic. If you optimize for frequently searched keywords or particularly relevant keywords that have less competition, you will also see more traffic. The topic of SEO can get lengthy and confusing with quite a bit of debate tossed in. So if you want to avoid all of that, you can achieve decent enough SEO just by doing just a few key things:

  • Use a good clean template (I recommend a premium theme such as Thesis)
  • Have a site map (there are plugins that will create one for you)
  • Label your images with meaningful text
  • Do keyword research so that you are including the more popular terms
  • Use SEO plugins such as All in One SEO Pack and  Scribe SEO (note that All in One SEO is not needed with some themes such as Thesis)

Here is where Scribe SEO fits in: It assures that you optimize your writing for the search engines by analyzing your posts for best practices, checking your use of keywords, and  suggesting alternatives. The plugin evaluates and ranks each post up to 100% for compliance. The new keyword tool also allows you to do basic keyword research quickly and easily. Since it works with what you have already written, you can optimize after you write, which can help avoid writing that seems forced or too tailored to keywords. Also new to the plugin is a link building search function.

If you are already familiar with SEO best practices, the plugin does a good job of checking that you have followed them. For example, the Scribe SEO plugin requires that you also use the All in One SEO plugin or Thesis and then makes sure that you have filled in the meta title, description, and tags required by those. It then checks for keyword density and placement, telling you if you over use or under use any given keyword. It reminds you to include the top keyword(s) in the title and description and checks for overall length and an early outgoing link. The plugin includes a keyword analysis that will suggest alternate keywords.

Overall, this seems like simple enough stuff, but I found that it provided a nice reminder at times. I also found that I tend to overuse keywords and don’t always consider alternate choices. Mostly though, I love this plugin because it makes me edit. If  my post is too short, I am motivated to lengthen it and cutting over used keywords often leads to better writing. Using the plugin has also led to good habits on my part, so I find myself scoring well consistently now. Initially, I thought  at some point I might feel that I no longer need the service, which is fine by me, but perhaps not so good for the Scribe SEO enterprise, who I am sure wants folks to continue to subscribe. However, now that the keyword tool is added, I’m definitely keeping it.  Yes, it is easy enough to check that separately for free by going over separately to the Google Keyword Tool, but I love being able to do it from my WordPress dashboard. The link new link building function is also interesting, but I haven’t that feature enough yet to reach a firm opinion of it.

On the downside, I find that the plugin at times does not recognize my choice of top keyword when it does content analysis. Usually this occurs when I am focusing on a product name or long tail term of several words. However, it is easy enough to recognize when that is why the plugin is giving a low score and ignore it to some extent.  The  process has also been improved in that department with each update.

Cost: $17/month for 17 evaluations and 35 keyword searches, $27 for 30 evaluations and 70 keyword searches,  $47 for 120 evaluations and 280 keyword searches,  $97 for 300 evaluations and 700 keyword searches.

The cost can be a bit of a downside if you want to run a lot of evaluations. A blogger with little SEO knowledge can expect on average to do 2-3 evaluations of each post before hitting 100%. Over time, as  one learns from the system, that number goes down. I often hit 100% on the first or second time now.  With that said, if used only on key posts, the $17 plan will allow a person to optimize the most important items while deciding whether to upgrade to a more expensive plan.  Personally, I do not use the plugin on short posts that I do not expect lasting traffic from. Instead I save it for the items that I hope will provide evergreen content and lots of search traffic. Based on that, I do about only 25 evaluations/month on my main site, Beauty and Fashion Tech.   So it can still be used effectively and affordably. Another option is to get a more expensive plan, use that to go back and edit old content, and then downgrade your subscription.

At a minimum, I recommend use of this plugin at least for a month or two at one of the base levels. It really is an easy way to fairly quickly improve your standing in search engines and learn good SEO habits. At that point, reassess whether you want to keep it or maybe even upgrade.

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