Speaking at BlogWorld 2010

I am very proud to announce that I will be speaking this year at BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010. If you are not familiar with BlogWorld, it is an annual conference held in Vegas each fall. My speaking session is 4pm Friday, October 15 on The Business of Product Reviews: Ethics, Etiquette, and Legalities.

Even though I am speaking , I would be attending even if I had not gotten that opportunity.  I attended last year and found it to be a great experience. Someone recently asked in the Third Tribe Marketing forum why people there were attending BlogWorld. My answer was as follows:

  • Education: Even when I think I won’t learn much from a session, I still usually end up finding out something new. I have gotten some incredible tips from conferences. Usually they are just tiny little things that I jotted down and then found out later just how useful it was when I got around to trying it (reminder to self–actually write down and try all those conference tips that you get).
  • Inspiration: I always leave a conference inspired to start new projects and finish old ones. It often raises my productivity for a good month or two. Heck, I made a whole new website, Holiday Makeup, in a matter of a couple of hours no less, while at Blogworld last year based on an inspiration from a session. My goal was to use it to learn to use Popshops, and it did indeed work well for that. I am hoping to really improve on that site more this year (reminder to self–use Blogworld this year to inspire further work on the holiday market).
  • Socialization: I am pretty social, and there are specific people attending that I also want to meet. If you attend, please find me and say hi!
  • Vendors: I didn’t think the trade show would interest me last year, but actually I ended up with some good contacts from it.
  • Vegas: I love going there. Food, gambling, parties, spas, larger than life sights and attractions, shows, more food…. I love it all!
  • Taxes: I could use the tax deduction. I would rather spend more on the trip than send part of that money to the IRS. This being written having just set aside September’s estimated tax payment–something that is always a bit painful.

As a side note, all conferences are different. For example, BlogHer is known for attracting a large number of Mommy bloggers and the expo is more brand oriented than webmaster oriented.  SXSW is full of socialization with trendy topic titles and topics on everything under the sun. I still need to get there some year. BlogWorld is a nice middle ground in my opinion. It is focused on blogging, with a tech oriented expo, yet is very social as well. I like that. I also plan to go to an affiliate conference next year–either Affiliate Summit or AffCon since I am starting to do a fair amount of affiliate marketing and PPC advertising both with my primary websites and with various non-blog sites.

Are you going to Blogworld?

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