Why I Am Ignoring All Requests To Purchase Do Follow Links

When it comes to link buying and selling, a few things are clear.

This is not an article telling you that you should or should not buy or sell links. In some cases the risks very well might be worth it to you. A long time ago, I decided that they were not worth it to me, but to each his or her own in my opinion. This article is for are those who are sick of the pushy link buying requests. Or, if you are a company who gets rather pushy about link buying, you might want to take notice.

Despite clear statements in my advertising policies that I do not sell links without a rel=nofollow tag attached, I routinely get requests to sell do follow links. Before today, my practice was to reply with my advertising rates and policies because occasionally someone would still purchase a link or other advertisement with a nofollow tag. I am now changing my response policy. Here is why:

Over the past couple of weeks I have had several email conversations with people seeking links in which those people became quite pushy. In each case, the people also provided me with twisted or false information. In the milder cases, they noted that they pay SEO experts who say it is OK , or they pointed out how hidden the links would be so that no one would get caught. In the more extreme case, I was told: “Google changed their policy last month and they now allow all link selling,” That statement was not documented, which is no surprise, since it is absolutely false.  In one case, although I was sending very polite replies, they still were “no,” which the person clearly did not want to hear because he became rather angry in tone, at which point I simply stopped responding the email exchange. In another case, the email reached 10 exchanges when one person simply would not take no for an answer. To their credit, at least that person was perfectly polite. But  it led me to put this on twitter:

“ Pushy xtra requests for do follow links is not going to make me suddenly sell a link that violates my policies. Shouldn’t that be obvious?”

Because almost every single person seeking to buy links is seeking to buy Google authority, sending my ad rates and policies and entering debates with people seeking to buy do follow links is not going to do me any good. Instead, I was left after each conversation feeling like I wasted quite a bit of time answering the email and generally feeling annoyed. I also become concerned about being involved with people who would become so pushy about the matter. Call me paranoid, but I start worrying about vindictive behavior from people who get very pushy, and in one case angry, when told no.

So, beginning now, I am no longer responding to any email that requests to purchase links. I will still respond to those who seek something else that I don’t offer but who perhaps might be interested in my regular advertising rates.  For example, I have declined to join certain affiliate programs or declined to run promotion notices from companies, who later bought an ad or a nofollow sponsored post with full disclosure when I told them that I could offer those options instead. But link buyers? I’m not dealing with them at all anymore.

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